Often times the term “Black” is associated with negative vibes. Rarely will you hear any one say his/her favourite colour is “Black”. Those who care to show loyalty to this colour are tagged “weird”! The few who dare to flaut the aesthetic beauty of this colour are looked upon with pitiful eyes.

Hey, I may be wrong with this assumption of mine but as a damsel who grew under the African society where countless idealogies have been sold and absorbed into my subconscious mind; permit my assertions.

As the case maybe, “Black” is associated with scorcery, Voodoo, Wizardry, Witchcraft…

“Black” connotes dirt, impurity, blemish.., poor innocent “Black” is frowned upon for no committed offense. How else does one explain the fact that of all colours in the universe, only one colour seems to stand out for so much negativity!

Who cares to remember that “Black” represents Fertility?

Who deems it fit to call to memory that “Black” stands for Creativity?

Who bothers to know how “Black” is the first colour of Growth and Development?

Who thinks it necessary to recognize the fact that “Black” is all Accepting, Accommodating, Adapting and Affectionate?

Well, this will certainly not be a topic of discussion if the disdain attached to the colour “Black” was not passed down to a uniquely special group of people called “THE BLACKS”!

THE BLACKS; a peculiar group of people, highly proactive,creative and original in their ways! A people known for her rich cultural heritage. A people of strong will, productivity, hospitality, intellect…

THE BLACKS; an innocent race taken advantage of for her naviety, despised for her dark skin, enslaved for her ignorance, raped for her beauty and elegance, ravished for her splendor…!

Indeed, the list can go on and go yet, the aim is not to call to rememberance that which has been forgone. However, one cannot forget the pain of a bruised scar.

Yes, a scar can heal with time but in time a healed scar can hurt some more when bruised again!

It hurts the more when the bruiser is an extension of oneself!

Curse not thy own all in the name of a different skin colour.

We are one and the same!

All for One and One for All!

We are all “Blacks”!

We are “Original”!

We are “Creative”!

We are “Hospitable”!

We are “Productivity”!

We are “Humane”!


Stop the Killing and Destruction of Properties!

Photo credit: Leadership News paper.

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