I believe all should be treated with respect.

Only you can make the decision

Recently, I came across a post online about science versus religion.

The author believes religion is not based on any fact but word of mouth passed from one person to another and so it became a way of life. He said there are no bases to whatsoever that are being said. It is just a human narrating a tale from his own perspective.

He believes the ideas of religion are things that are introduced for the formal generation like our forebears and it can not be applied to our present age.

Science, on the other hand, is based on fact, hypothesis, statistics, and it is objective. He believes science can not be formulated and that if one does not agree with others findings, then he or she can go ahead and do his research and counter it. Proving his own theory. In this way, everything is in order even in years to come.

Another reading talked about a lady who was within life and death situation and the only thing she needed was a blood transfusion. However, her religion is against such.
When the doctors informed her of her situation in the operation room, she told the doctors to do whatever they have to do but they should not let her parents or husband know what she did. Thanks to Yahweh, she came out successful well and sound.

Now you may ask why am I saying all this? Am here to give my taking on this subject.

One can not give a full definition of religion because it appears to individuals differently but I will attempt my own definition.

Religion is the belief of a thing, solely for the gratification of the unknown and the sense of being worthy of a course.

Another definition says

Religion is the believe in and worship of a super natural controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

There are diverse religion and religious bodies in the world that one can not begin to count. In Nigeria, we have majorly the Christians, Muslims and the Traditional worshipers.

Let’s take Christians for example, so far, I have been made to understand that, this set is Christ-like but I wonder if that is utterly true because when you see some behaviours being poses by some individuals you will be taken aback. I wonder why it is so. Why is the tide changing, why are there so many atrocities and evil, why are there so many churches and yet no reasonable transformation in the life of some of this sect.

Saint Augustine the father of theological studies in the Christian doom have this to say.

The church which is visible and societal will be made of wheat and tares that is good and bad“. (Mat 13vs30)

Nigeria is called a religious nation but come on, does that mean we need to have more than ten churches in a street? where is the togetherness or communal practice? Each one interpreting the scriptures the way he understands which breeds more doctrines. The one that always gets me irritated is the same church, with different building, in the same neighbourhood and some of them not even having up to thirty members. What’s the cause of all this? Religion.

Religion says women respect your husband. Summit to him but they hardly talk about the aspect that says husband love your wife as Christ loved the church. Some women go through a lot because of this doctrine of submission only. Much attention is not being paid to the other and all thanks to religions interpreters. Often times I ask myself, the adulterous woman they brought before Jesus to be stoned to death in the bible, where is the man? His he above the law? When cases like this arise in a society, the woman is first to be shamed. The time has not changed either.

I am not saying wives should not respect their husbands but am advocating that as much respect a man is given, the same should be given to the woman. She deserves it as much as anyone. If love is in the heart, then there would be no need for abuse either physically or mentally.

Another, is the quest for a miracle. This has blinded so many that they will go to any lent to do what their overseers tell them to do without reasoning and when you try to question their believes you are seen as the devil. This is not just an African thing but Africans happens to be more on the receiving end. A pastor made a pool and calls it the pool of Bethesda that all your dieses will go away if you take a bath in it with the sum of #50k. Miracles begins to happen and you all shout glory, glory, hallelujah, the lord be praised. Which Lord please?

I saw another video on the net, where the Pope washed the feet of a dead man into a bowl of water claiming the man was a Saint and that is why is foot is not rotten. You could see millions of people fighting to get that water in a bowl. Come on people, is that water more superior? Is it that you can’t asked of the father Yahweh?

Why do these things happen?

It happens because this day we have more of churchgoers than true worshippers. People who forget to study their Bible but listen and obey all their PAPA says. They just follow, no questioning at all and that is while a man will rise up from nowhere and starts performing miracles and multitude will follow. So where is the God or the being we claim to be serving?
Pastors are humans and they have weaknesses like everyone else but will they admit they do? Why not teach your followers to depend on Yahweh rather than depend on you.

Am I saying religion has done more evil than good? No.

I believe there is a God and his name is Yahweh Elohim. Not God because God can mean or refer to anyone.

I believe there is a supreme being who rules the world whether it is proven or not.

I believe there is a spiritual world that the eyes cannot see.

I don’t go to church because I don’t believe in their doctrines.

So where do I belong to?

Am not a Christian, nor a Muslim, neither a traditional worshipper.

I am a human who believes all human life is important.

I believe we should help one another.

I believe we can do better as one body than this division.

I believe the tears of others should be turned to joys.

I believe every man has a role to play in shaping the world.

I believe in giving and reaching out.

Religions doctrines or dogmas does not change what I believe in and if by me not going to a structure called Church makes you see me as an hypocrite, then let it be so.

On the basis of science, no doubt, science has made life easier. It has revolved over time and still revolving but it can not take the place of the supernatural even if it can not be explained. Some things are not meant to be explained but felt and expressed in ones own unique way.
All creations invented by science still rely on humans to work efficiently. I don’t think scientists has been able to produce another human without the help of a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg.
So religion might not be logical, objective and consistent but it does have a vital role to play in our society. So it’s up to everyone to do what is right in the site of Yahweh rather than follow what a man says.

At the end of the day, the decision rest on the individual. He determines its place in society and how he is going to pursue is religion. Now you decide.

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  1. Xaman Calid

    Beautifully described 👍👍

    1. Dolor Abigail

      Thanks for your comment but I will love to hear your opinion.

      1. Xaman Calid

        In the next comment, i shared my opinion

        1. Dolor Abigail

          Saw it. Thanks. A very enlightened perspective.

  2. Xaman Calid

    From my perspective, Religion is a Complete Code of life, that guide you, how to live life? Eating, dealing people, right or wrong, even it guide you how to use a toilet…. that’s what my religion taught me. ❤

    1. Dolor Abigail

      😅😅😅 the toilet but it’s that not too much? Religion teaches quite alright too. Thanks for your comment.

      1. Xaman Calid

        It seems funny 😊 but yes, its true. I MEAN religion provide guiding principles for all aspects of life, leaving nothing behind. 😊😊

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