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10 Inspirational Quotes And Proverbs To Maximize Your Day

There are lots of inspirational and empowering quotes out there. In African, we say adage or proverbs and sometimes we call it wise saying. So sit back and relax as we explore some of these inspired words to ginger you up.

Life is Like a Shadow and a Mist. It Passes Quickly and is No More.

Life is like this. Beautiful and fragile

In all your dealings and adventures always remember that you got just one life span so no matter the headaches, heartaches, challenges, and disappointment remember it is the only one you’ve got so make the most out of it. Do the things you love, attended those meetings with bold faces, dissolve every stronghold and journey through this Land facing all disappointment with positivity, determination and courage even if you are shaking inside, just do it.

Don’t Set Sail Using Someone Else Star

Move at your own pace

Do you know you are unique and special the way you are? That you can do all things if you set your mind to it? It might be difficult at first or even look like a shadow but at the end, through consistency, your unique self will always prevail. So do not waste your time thinking about the achievements of others or trying to sail in the same boat with them. You may end up sinking, and get frustrated. So why not be the unique you in all things and watch as you soar to your greatness unlimited.

Do Not Look At Where You Fall But Why You Fell

The reason for the fall is much more important

So many times, we forget about the past too quickly and look into the future – which is a good thing by the way, but sometimes we must look back and see what is amiss. We concentrate so much on the mistakes but have hardly given it a thought as to what led to the mistake or failure in the first place.

Failure is a learning process. Yes, but we must first consciously give attention to that tiny details that made us fall. Let’s say you are walking down the street and you slipped, instead of getting angry or feeling irritated, why not look back at what caused the accident. It might be a stone on the ground, a banana pile on the floor, water, or even your bag, that got stuck to something. Anything can possibly be the explanation of why you fell. So looking back at those past mistakes helps us to avoid or properly manage any similar incident and occurrences.

The Best Way To Eat An Elephant In Your Path Is To Cut It Up Into Little Pieces

Take it piece by piece

Does the road seem tough to ride? Is the mountain too high to climb? Why not approach this obstacle with small steps taking the problem piece by piece. If you look at the overall effect and the amount of time it will take you to consume the whole elephant, you might get saddened but I bet if you solve the puzzle little by little, a step at a time, dissecting every area bit by bit, then the elephant will be gone in no time. Try it and tell me how it went. I will be here waiting. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Not Everyone Who Chased The Zebra Caught It But He Who Caught It, Chased It.

Be willing to Chase it first

Did you ever see this Tom and Jerry cartoon about the duck who wanted to fly like the birds? At a point, after several attempts of trying to swim, he got tired. He said “I tried and I tried but I can’t swim. At the end of the episode did he swim or not?
This is applicable to some of us – we easily give up forgetting the fact that it is he who continues to chase the Zebra that will finally get it. Lots of people want that same thing you crave for but how far are you willing to go for that stuff you love. How much are you willing to pay to be ahead in the race. Will you drop your fears and opinion of yourself and dive down deep into the blue sea? Or just give up and convince yourself another opportunity will come by. Hear me, friend, give it all you’ve got and at the end of the day, you will be glad you did. Keep chasing no matter the cost.

He Who Does Not Know One Thing Knows Another

Study to be informed

No one is an island of knowledge. We are not Mr. know it all and for this reason, we must endeavour to improve on ourselves either physically or psychologically. You own yourself as much as that. Add lots of information to your hard drive. Update all the outdated things that are not working pretty well. Learn about your art and Culture, be grounded in the things you are known for. Am not saying you must ‘‘know it all’’ but keep yourself up to date with the happenings around you so you don’t get undiluted information and feel it’s supersonic. At the end of the day, you do not know all things but you do know something.

You Do Not Climb a Tree With Pepper Rather You Go Around It.

Go around the obstacle

We will always come across challenges but how we approach it, matters a lot. There are various ways of handling a situation. So you do not have to look at one direction rather we should look from several roads. This way, it will make things easier and faster, and you will not get bugged in the brain trying to approach it from one angle. So try and go round it over and over again until you hit the bull’s eye. Happy jolly round.🤪🤪🤪

The Dance Of The Millipede Does Not Impress One Who Has Seen The Dance Of a Snake

Be better than good

You are good at what you do. I get it! But you can be better and greater at what you do. Do not settle on good try to exceed your own imaginations. Let people see different versions of your creativity. Give them something to always look forward to. Not the same sphere over and over again. Leave the good for those who wish to remain there but choose and strive to be better in all your dealings. In that way, you will be at the forefront of anything you choose to do. Happy dancing.

Until Lions Start Writing Their Own Stories, Hunters Will Always Be The Heros

You are the author of your life

Who is writing your story? Do you know if you write it yourself you will tell a better tale than others? It might not be the goody bag or adventurous one, but surely, it will be fantastic when you write it from your own perspective. You hold the power to write and re – write your story over and over again. Occasionally we tend to forget we are the heroes in our life. when we claim that role, we beat all odds and match towards the sky. Do not give others the opportunity to make you feel undervalued instead, give them a better version of yourself every time.

The Monkey Believes His Bushy Eyelashes Cost Him His Beauty

Leave no room for excuses

When things go in the wrong direction and you think you have in one way contributed to It, why not just handle it head-on. No need beating around the bush searching for the “why” and blaming others.
Make realistic goals and when it does not work out at first, do not give excuses. Just get back to it and this time, you will be more enlightening compared to the other time. Find out where the fault lies and attend to it believing you can do it.

Little By Little Grow The Bananas

One tiny step at a time

Do you remember that adage that says a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean? Every step you take towards your goals is a huge achievement. It might not look significant at first but defiantly, it has added to your worth. Presently am still learning how to grow my site and I get disappointed for not seeing the result as much as I want to. So should I just pack up? No!

Is there no growth from my site month after month? There is but I feel it’s too small. However, those little step will all add up one day to become a fully grown step. So do not give up. Like the baby who is trying to walk, Keep taking those step and one day you will run and I will be cheering at you from here.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Supposing Doesn’t Fill The Grain Basket And If Doesn’t Fill The Larder

“If”. A lot of if stop us from doing the actual thing we aspire to do. What if I fail? What if I don’t get accepted? What if this, what if that. Can you please just stop! Do it and let’s see the outcome. Don’t crucify yourself before the world even nails you. Give yourself the benefit of doubt. Besides, do you know in believing in yourself, you end up feeling good and looking well informed to try again? So get up my friend, and do it now.

The Person Who Eats Alone Cannot Discuss The Taste Of The Food With Others

Let’s share the love

I know we all have our challenges to deal with and sometimes it is not easy but let’s not forget about those who need us. Our spouse, children, relatives, neighbours and even those we don’t know need our help. It does not have to be something magnificent in your eyes but a little show of love and appreciation can brighten someone’s day. Share love to all humans if that’s all you can do for now. The food is sweeter if we share it and we can discuss the taste together. On this note, I want to share with you a special poem written just for you from my heart.

In the midst of the storm, he will be
Rocking you back and forth till you sleep
Like a child, he will protect you
When the tides are tough
Fear not my friends
For after the rain comes a rainbow
Rainbow to set your feet dancing
Dancing free with the wind
Lost in the depth of your dreams
You will dance
And the world will watch
Watching you sow like the eagle
For you the brightest and fairest of them

Please leave your comments below and share if this made an impact. Share to anyone so they can feel the way you feel. Thanks for being here and have a wonderful day.
(Why am I feeling so emotional?) Lights out.

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