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Folktale: The Tortoise And The Birds

Here is a folktale about the tortoise and the birds my granny told me and am passing it to you. Please enjoy.五五五五五 I know we all love storytime and you’ve heard quite a lot from granny but I bet you’ve not heard this one. So gather round and let’s add to our storybook.

Once upon a time, there was a famine in the land and everyone is looking for what to eat. The birds in the sky, however, had some to share. So they invited all other birds to join them for a feast.

The tortoise heard about the feast and plead with the birds close to him if he could join them but they refuse. He pleaded the more. But you don’t have wings one of them said.

Well, the tortoise thought for a while and came up with an idea. What if you all give me a feather? Each of you.

Everyone knows the tortoise is very dubious and so they are feeling insecure. The tortoise convinced them the more and finally, they agreed. They all donated one feather each to the tortoise.

The Party In The Sky

When they got to the sky, the tortoise asked each of them to pick a name. What for? You know, on big occasions like this, one is addressed with a name said the tortoise. They all agreed and picked a name. The tortoise said is name is “all of you”.

A few minutes later, the waitress brought some food and she said this is for all of you. As they were about to dip in, the tortoise said, remember I told you in parties like this they address people with their names? and you all know my name is all of you. So, this food belongs to me.

Other dishes were brought and the waitress also said this is for all of you and the tortoise keeps eating every bowl one after the other without sharing with the other birds.

At last, one of them dared to confront the waitress. Why are you giving all the food to all of you? Why don’t you give us too? The waitress was confused, she said the dish was melted for all of them and not just one person.

They then asked for more food but it was too late. The party was over and there where no food left. In anger, all the birds took their feathers from the tortoise and flew away.

The tortoise knowing fully well he has been caught, begged the birds to tell his wife to drop all the soft items they have in the house so he can land on it when he falls.

With sad heart, the birds agreed to deliver his message but when they got down, they told the tortoise wife that he said, she should drop all the sharp objects outside and she did as was told.

Diving down, the tortoise fell into the rakes, broken bottles, spade and every sharp and hard object. His shell was destroyed though treated, the scars never left and that is why the tortoise has a rough shell so said, grandma.

Did you enjoy this folktale?

Folktale Morals

  • We should not be greedy
  • We should learn to share
  • You should always be true to your words
  • Do not deceive others for your gain
  • Be a good friend
  • One good tune deserves another
  • Always be courageous

Tell me what other morals you learnt from this folktale below.

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