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Healthy Soup Recipes: Culture Soup For Mums

Have you ever tasted peppered soup? All-time culture recipes for a strong immune system. Not just any peppered soup but the native peppered soup from the Uhrobo tribe delta state. Well, if you’ve not, welcome to my takeout parlour soup recipes.

This is a very delicious simple soup that can be prepared within 5mins in Uhrobo land. This, however, is subjective because there are several methods on how it can be prepared in most African countries and the timing and taste differ due to the ingredients used.

This recipes that am going to share with you is a style that is been passed down from generation to generation.

Peppered soup is liquid-like and this is so because it is much easier to prepare and drink in this form.  When you make it and it’s a bit thick, just add a little water. The amount of water used when preparing this soup depends on what you want to eat with it. For the Urhobo’s this soup is usually drank like that and like I said in the title, it is the main meal for mums who just gave birth and the reason for this soup for mothers is not far fetched.

Recipes for pepper soupPepper soup with fresh fish

This soup can also be taken with rice, yam, plantain and starch.

I know you are eager to learn more about this soup and its recipes. So let’s dive into it.

Recipes for pepper soup

 3teaspoon Black pepper
 Fresh Catfish
 3 grounded African nutmeg (called ere in uhrobo.) (Monodora tenuifolia)
 Mint leaves (scent leave)
 Xylopia aethiopica ( African Guinea pepper or Ethiopian pepper
 Salt
 Seasoning to taste
 3 cups of water

Spices For Peppered Soup

One does not have to get this ingredient separately. You can get them from any African store in your country. Just asked for pepper soup spices or visit any online shop selling spices and there you go. All it’s set for your soup.

As it is my custom, I love enlightening my friends on the benefits of some of the ingredients used in preparing a particular dish and this is no different. I believe any food we take should not only be yummy but should have a wonderful effect on our health.

Sometimes due to time intake, we do not take note of the health benefits of some food and that is why I make sure to share the advantages of some of this recipes with you. So if you have overlooked some of these plants, I believe by the time you find out the benefits, you may want to research more on them and see what other menu you can create from it.

Benefits of African Guinea pepper Recipes 

It fights against antibodies, thereby increasing our immune system.

It helps clear blood clot in the womb after delivery.

It helps and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

The seed soaked in water and drank tightens the virginal( not to be used by ladies who have not given birth.

It also promotes weight loss.

Benefits of African nutmeg Recipes 

It is employed to reduce constipation.

It helps regulate mild bleeding from the womb shortly after delivery.

It is rich in calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and other minerals. Also, it is packed full of vitamins that are significant for excellent health.  

African nutmeg is also known for reducing toothaches and headache.

Benefits of mint leaves Recipes 

It is used as a spice to flavour soup like the pepper soup.

Mint is great to regulate blood sugar levels and it helps treat skin ailments.

Mint has a great stimulative smell that helps combat stress and anxiety.

It’s strong aroma also helps it deal with mouth odours. No wonder it is in most toothpaste.

It relieves headache and also aid in digestion.

Benefits of black pepper

Consuming black pepper aids in weight loss.

It aids in digestion and prevents cancer by detoxifying the body.

It gives your food good taste and flavour.

Black pepper clears the intestines and abdomen.

A respiratory disorder like cold and cough can be cured with black pepper by consuming it in tea form or soup.

Preparation of pepper soup

 Pour your water into a pot.
 Then add your black pepper before your water starts boiling.
 When the water starts boiling, add your fish (wash fish with hot water prior to cooking).
 Then add your grounded African nutmeg, grounded African guinea pepper, salt and seasoning.
 Cover and allow to cook for another 3mins.
 Add your mint leaves already chopped into tiny pieces.
 After about a minutes, drop down and serve hot.

You see, easy goes your native peppered soup.


 Choose pepper according to your preference
 When using goat meat, chicken, or beef, cook with seasoning first, then use the water as your base to start cooking your peppered soup

As you can see from the list above, the benefit of pepper soup is enormous and all thanks to the recipes used. Also, the advantages of the spice are related in several ways which give us an opportunity to boost our health.

And do you know this soup can come in handy for this pandemic? Give it a try and tell me how it goes.

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