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10 Importance Of Dance In Schools


The importance of dance in schools cannot be overestimated. You may think it is not worth the time but trust me, it does.

Dance in schools is a great tool that builds the creativity of kids in respective of a future career. 

As an expressive art, it is as important in our lives and schools as every other topic.

Let us talk. Shall we? What do you think happens to the mind and body if you dance for just 30 minutes.

I am not a scientist but have been a dance teacher for kids for the past 17 years. So you will agree with me that at least, I know what am doing. 17 years in a career path is not something you jumbo with. These are the importance of dance in schools.

The Importance Of Dance In Early Childhood

I will give you a peek into my life as a dance teacher. You will see how and why I arrived at this point. You will understand the importance of dance in schools.

In my home, education was of uttermost importance. No playing, no lying around, no friends, just read. We were always reading. If you are not doing any chores, pick up your book.

Yes, we had good grades but what happens to our social life, our cognitive skills, our body, our attitude towards anything unrelated to books? Poor!

Dance is my first love but I do it secretly at home. I picked up one or two from the barbie series I watch. Especially the 12 dancing Princesses. Do you know what I found out?

Whenever am doing my task, I see myself hoping and humming. No matter how difficult the task may seem, I get it done within a breeze. Oh God! I loved the feeling. You should try it.

When I notice this, I kept at it. That was my little way of getting things done fast without feeling fatigue.

The Big Day With Dance.

One day, during one of the Christmas celebrations, the kids in the church have to present a dance. Luckily, for us, a lady from the city who came to see her mum, have a good knowledge about dance.

She offered to take the session. I have never been so happy during those days. I look forward to rehearse days. The ability for me to remember the movements, helped me in recalling my school works. This is one of several importance of dance in schools.

Are you enjoying the story? Should I continue? Okey, let’s move on.

During our rehearsal, our dance teacher noticed that some of the movement were easy for me. She asked if I have taken a dance class before.  No ma. So how did you learn how to dance? From my cartoon.

To cut the long story short, something happened and she needed to go back. She said, take charge Abigail. Just trust your feelings and flow with it.

I did trust my feelings and created a wonderful routine. A fantastic dance that made me popular and also ease the heart of my parents. I could now dance in the house without the fear of being scold at.

Did I mention I was 12 years old then?

Attitude Towards Dance In Schools.

So many times, you hear words like, what can dance do? how does it add value to your life? what reasonable career can one make from the dance?

You have this perspective because you have no idea on the importance of dance in schools.

Follow me and let’s take a tour of the world of dance from the African perspective and how we can encourage dance in schools.

Meaning of Dance

Dance is a human behaviour or engagement that comes from his inner ability and reaction to express, organize, move, relate and communicate.

It is a form of entertainment, sport, expression, a non-verbal means of communication, a medium of worship and a link between the physical and the abstract world.

How Dance Started

Dance is as old as man. You can’t take dance from man. Even if the movement does not fit into a pattern, it can still be called dance.

Dance comes from movement – locomotive and non-locomotive. How long have humans being moving? Since birth – the movement took place right from the onset of creation.

As year’s roll by and the early man becomes more aware of his environment, he believes a being/ God is responsible for some unexplained phenomenon in his life like rainfall.

Anytime he wants to worship and ask favour from the gods, he prays and does some movement to show his respect. By so doing, a repetitive movement was created.

Early Men History To Dance

Also when the early man comes back from a hunt, he gives a narrative tale on how he killed an animal putting one foot after another describing the process for a vivid imagination.

This became a norm and little by little, steps were created and dance styles were invented.

 Every continent has a history of how dance emerges. This is the history of how dance originate in Africa. Behind every style of dance in Africa, there is a tale.

There are more than 10,000 different languages in Africa and each possibly has many dance patterns.

Among the Igbo’s, Akan, Efik, Azande, and Kamba, dance encompasses vocal and instrumental music including the drums.

Music and dance are like Siamese twins in Africa. Every ritual and tradition is always dance-driven. Day to day activities also encourages dance. 

Most of these dances are vigorous and others subtle but no matter the timing they all build the community.

The Importance Of Dance In Schools.

  • Dance builds communal interest among students.
  • A vigorous dance helps one lose weight. ( Do you know you burn about 180 calories in just 30mins of dancing?)
  • Dance strengthens ties among friends.
  • Dance stretches the muscles.
  • It works out your heart
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It makes you fit
  • It helps build the brain to memorize
  • It is a fun way to play and learn
  • A non-verbal way of communication
  • A beautiful way of expressing love.

Why dance should be taught in schools

I am now a contemporary dance teacher in a school. One day, they invited me for a dance class for one of their school talk show.

I usually take the junior class but now, they are inviting me to take the senior students.

During the talk show, about an hour, the teenagers were losing concentration and the organizers noticed. A few minutes later, I was introduced to take over.

Aware that some of the students are new to dance and am also a new teacher, I made them understand that anyone and everyone can dance.

Dance Is For Everyone

I made them understand that, you do not have to be an expert to dance. All you need is to move your body to the rhythm and express yourself.

They were a bit shy at first, so I took the first move. I did a little ballet to some slow tunes, trying to see the students who love this style of dance, then I did a contemporary routine about love.

This style brought about some togetherness and later I did our Country’s hip hop called Nija craze.

The mood heightened. From trying different moves, I was able to do a routine that infuses a lot of movements. I was more focused on the process than the patterns or styles.

Today’s Ideology about Dance

These days, when professionals are called/when one goes for an audition, much relevance is given to the style of dance rather than the message the dancer is trying to pass.

Do not think that there should not be a technique in dance, but I believe the statements represented are of uttermost value too.

Sometimes the words in the movement are not easily comprehended nevertheless the emotions shown goes a long way to show you what the dancer is trying to say.

With this mentality of mine, I used every possible movement from the student to create a routine. We even infuse props to make it more exciting.

The main goal was to lighten them up – which I did archive by the end of the day.

Dance in schools is an exciting way of learning. Let’s take for example you want to solve a math equation that deals with abstract numbers.

How We Can Use Dance In Maths Class

All you have to do is to create a personal movement that appears to you. It does not have to make sense.

If you can remember every move, you will be able to recall your equation.

Another example can be like this in a dance form. If I want to teach kids one + one is = two, all I have to do is, raise my right hand to my right, then raise my left hand to my left, then put both of them together in front of me like I want to throw a ball. Adding both hands together represent two.

Now tell me, which do you think a child will remember the most? 1+1=2 or the movement of right hand out, then left hand out, and shoot. Your guess is as good as mine.

At the end of the day, the child is not fatigue but relax, he/she enjoys the dance while learning, which also builds the memory.

What more can we ask for? This technique can be applied to all subjects. It does not necessarily have to be the only way but it is a means to retain a lot.

This tool, however, is not taken seriously but seen as a pastime.

We all crave ways to improve our kid’s reasoning and to archive this, we will have to change the method.

The method of self-learning to communal learning. A learning environment where we do more together with friends in a knitted way.

This is the spirit of the African people. Togetherness in dance binds the community.

Why dance is good for you

Somebody once asked me, why do you dance? And I said it helps me escape reality. She was shocked by my response from the look on her face.

We’ve all got to a point in our life where we feel stuck. It feels like nothing interesting is taking off. At that point, all you need is to let go.

For some their escape flight is music, for me it is dance. Do you know there is a way you will dance and you will start crying or even laughing out loud?

Dancing involves the whole body. So when you dance, your entire being relates to you. And the more you dance and let go, you can enter into another realm.

A realm where you feel at peace like you can do anything and you just got the answers to that question that has been keeping you awake all night.

That is the unconscious stage. A stage where the body expresses your deepest fears and desires. Mind you, before you get to this stage, the body and soul must be one. You must take all within and let go of your physical self.

This is no super story but a fact. There is a way you will dance that you will not be aware of your physical environment. It’s no magic nor spell but the power of dance.

This I have witnessed. After the episode, you will feel free like you’ve never been before.


In a nutshell, you don’t have to be a professional to dance, just move the way you feel and watch things change. Also do not forget to include the dance in your child’s studies.

Dance in schools is very important and should take a solid foundation in our academic system.

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