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I Love You Poem and Quotes for Mama

I love you mama

I really do

You’ve been through a lot
Lots I can’t imagine
It’s beyond my wildest dream Imagination beats me
Can I ever be as loveable as you mama?

Mama, you make my world glow
Glow with pride you always say Now I tell you glow with pride mama

Glow with pride baby

Let the light of songs be thy friend
Let thy heart  be at peace
Let the stars gaze at you
Let the winds swing away your worries
Let the ocean wash away your fears
A lot more I wish you, mama.

You’ve given me hope in times of distress

You’ve treated me with love and respect

Your care has coated me from wolf’s

You’ve been there through it all What can I say, mama

I love you

Mothers love

With every passing day

I passed with flying colours

I grew to be selfless and brave
I grew to be bold and daring
I grew to honour and respect
I grew to love and be gentle
I grew to show up heads high
I grew to stand up anytime I fall
Falling is just a face you will say
Don’t worry baby, wipe your tears.

Is just a face
You can do it
Falling does not mean failure
It means you’ve got to learn
Learn to do it right and bright
You can do it, baby
I believe in you
And so is the universe.

I love you mama

But I miss you more

Loosening you has dent a lasting scar
I wish we could have a do-over
Is there a musician around?
Please sing. for I am weary at heart
It’s so hard to fight the tears
Are the jesters around?
Can you make me laugh?

Oh, what about the magicians?

Are you there?
Can you bring back mama?
I feel so lonely and alone
Mama am scared
Please come back
The sun is up so please wake up
Come and dance with me
Feed me till am full

I miss you, mama

If only wishes were horses
I wish you were here right now Glow with pride mama


The Chewa people of Malawi has an adage that says mothers are God number two. Indeed they are. For their love, care and understanding can not be compared. You are a God mama.

A proverb from Mali says the strength of a mother is in the ears and on the lips. A mother will always listen to her child even when it is not convenient. Have you ever wondered how mothers understand the cries of their newborn? After listening, they give out the best form of words to sort every moment.

Another adage from Burundi says if you educate the mother, you have educated the child. This is true in all sense. Most times kids usually follow their mother’s profession. A lot of times, I hear kids say their mums inspire their creativity in some areas because mum was once in that shoe.

A funny adage but very wise saying in Guinea says that a child can play with his mother’s breast but not with his father’s testicles. How true is this? I will love to hear your thoughts and interpretation about this proverb in the comment section.

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