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African FolkTale: The Father’s will

African folktale have always been a tradition. In a typical village setting, it is told to children sitting around the fire. It is a time where parents, tell stories to their kids to teach morals.

Some of these African folktales might be made up, while others might be true-life tales. Nevertheless, the aim is to teach and in-store morals to the kids.

Welcome my friends. Sit with me around this campfire and enjoy this adventurous African folktale.

African folktale
African Folktale

Before we go any further, let’s take a closer look at some elements ofΒ  African folktales.

What are African folktales

African folktales are stories told by the elders of a community, parents and guidance to admonish and teach morals.

Usually, these African folktales are told through the eyes of animals. Whereby African animals are given the attribute of humans. In other words, they can speak and feel deep emotions like anger, greed, envy…

African folktales are another medium of oral tradition. A tradition where a culture or customs are being passed from one generation to the other through words of mouth.

EachΒ  African country, have an African folktale design to their community needs. As you will agree with me, each country has its dynamic face.Β 

The morals however might be the same for there are so many roads that lead to the stream.

African Folktale: The Father’s will

Once upon a time, in a land very far away from civilization, there lived a farmer with his three sons. His name is Omena. Omena is hardworking, a brave soul, tender-hearted and loved by all.

He was so popular for his standards that people call him Nyi (father). However, Nyi was not a fulfilled man. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”His children gave him so much concern. They were lazy, stubborn and above all disrespectful.

Omena has a lot of dreams for his children. He wishes that one day his children will live up to their dreams by being strong and independent in their works. He also wishes that they are brave in times of Justice.

However he did it, he never got through to them. He tried and tried all he could to in-store the right ethics in them but they were hardly interested. Until the time came for him to meet his maker.

One cool evening, he called his three sons and said. Am about to leave for a journey and I don’t know when I will be returning. In the meantime, I will pass to you all that I have acquired. These are my most priceless possessions and they will be all yours to keep.

Lands, keys to houses and this cane are the precious properties that I have gained over the years. So choose wisely amongst these three, according to seniority.

The last son began to cry immediately – he was certain no one will pick a cane over a house nor land. As predicted, the first child took the house, the second child took the land and he was left with the cane.

He was so angry and unhappy with his father that he left the room before the conversation ended.

The next morning, they went to check on their father in his room but he has kicked the bucket. Three days later, he was buried.

Immediately they came back from the burial, the eldest son told his younger ones that it is time they all separate and go their different ways. The youngest brother pleaded with him to have mercy for he has nowhere to go but all fell on a deaf ear.

The two elder brothers did not lend him a hand. Instead, they glory in their inheritance. Miserable as he was, with the filthy dirty cane, he walked down the lonely paths to an unknown destination.

Ovie the last son wished he had been born before his brothers. As he walked through the dark road, he wondered what he will do with the cane. Should he throw it away or break it?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

After walking for several hours, tired and exhausted he decided to rest for a while. Before long, he fell asleep. 😴😴😴😴

It was morning but Ovie was still sleeping. A group of village travellers who were driving by saw him and they thought he was dead. They stopped to confirm their assumption. Everyone was scared to touch him. However, their arguments did wake him up.

A New Path

Ovie narrated his tale to the villagers and they felt pity for him. Nevertheless, he was advised to not give up on life but to work and become a better man. He then asked if he could get a ride to the next town and the driver accepted.

When he got to the next village, he meets a farmer and explained his plight to him. They made a deal later on. He was to work for the man and in return, the man will provide him with shelter and food until he can afford to get an apartment of his own.

Days turn into weeks and weeks into months. Ovie had to learn about life the hard way but he kept at it. Has he worked, the farmer favoured him. He had forgotten all about the cane.

One certain day, Ovie was going to the next village to sell some farm products. He carried his old sack with him as he went.Β 

On their way, some arm robbers attack them and stole their produce and money. They made them sleep on the ground while they carry out their operations.

While they were down, Ovie thought of what to do. As he contemplates, he felt the cane in his bag and he wished the cane will flog all of them until they give back all they have stolen and run away.

Immediately his wishes came through. The cane came to life and started, flogging every one of the robbers until they ran away living behind all they took.

The villagers danced and cheered for him. To show their gratitude, they all contributed farm produce and money to help him start a life.

The king was told about the new hero and his bravery and he was made one of the palace guards.

A few months later, the village was at war with another village. The warriors and strong men in the village were sent and Ovie was part of them.

With his magical cane, Ovie was able to defect the bad guys. On his return, the king gave him his only daughter to marry and second in command to the king.

Year’s later, the king died, and Ovie crowed, king.

He lived like a royal having everything he ever desired. His brothers, however, wasted their wealth and went back to square one.


  • Nothing good comes easy.
  • Patience and consistency will make a way.
  • Hard work pays.
  • Laziness is a thief of time
  • Do not judge a thing by titsoutward appearance.
  • If you do not value a thing, it will leave you.
  • Good deeds bring good luck.
  • Is good to lend a helping hand.
  • Do not assess one by his present circumstance.
  • If you do not earn what you have, you will not give it much value.




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