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A Short Poem For Him: My Ebony Black Bouncing Baby Boy

Its 5 am and still no sign of you.

My Ebony Black Bouncing Baby Boy.

The lady in white said, pray to your gods.

Talk to them in your dialect and call forth your child.

Maybe he will answer you.

I stood up and began to dance.

I danced from one end to the other.

With teary eyes and swollen feet I danced.

I danced like have never done before —

With a flowing gown, painted with beautiful flowers.

I danced like the morning wind caressing the old palm trees lost in is tunes.

I danced like a drunk maiden in her prime.

Pacing up and down the yard, singing to everyone who cares to listen.

What a standing ovation I got.

I wish you could see me now.

Am scared to look at my reflection cause have lost my beauty to Cinderella.

With a big tummy, I walked around the yard like a gazelle.

I sang the songs of my mother’s, calling you forth.

OMENA, my own, please come to mama and make me sing a new song.

Adorn my face with smiles and change my title to mother.

Come, so the women and children will wear powder on their bodies, and dance and sing your praise.

With hands clapped as loud as a thunderstorm, feets kissing the earth wild, and the sweet smell of grandma jollof rice everywhere.

Come forth my Omena.

Come and watch me swing my waist like the river bend.

Come and see the coral beads on my waist that papa bought for me in honour of your arrival.

Come, my Ebony Black Baby Boy.

A minute more is like a thousand years lost in the Sahara desert.

My legs have gone on vacation for they are fatigued.

I can barely clean my feet for I can’t reach them anymore.

Nighttime is playtime for you.

I toss front and back playing hid and seek with you.

How much longer? Omena.

Every second, I wait to hear that joyous cry.

The cry of life, a new beginning, a gentle soul.

Ha………. I cried out

It was time. Time for the bittersweet moment. Time to meet you.

I can see his head, the lady in white said. Keep at it, you can do it. Give it all you’ve got. This is the moment. One more time. In the count of three, 1…………, 2………….., it’s here.

Congratulations madam, it’s a bouncing baby boy.

Omena, the bouncing baby boy

Welcome Omena, I freeze this moment for all eternity.

I love you with all the fibre in me.
Your arrival melted every fury. Your gentle cry stops my heart beat.

Shot all through, I could see a twinkling star in your eyes.
Shining in the cool of the evening.

I admit I saw the stars when it was time.

You are the star. Tears run down my face like they were in a marathon.

I could not help but do a pelvic exercise called push continuously.

If I was a sculptor, I will engrave you on the horizon. So both mortals can see you. But am not. Am just mum.

Welcome Omena, My Ebony Black Bouncing Baby Boy.

Baby boy
Black Baby Boy

Dedicated to all mothers, you are the real superheroes.

You are not forgotten dad, you are deeply appreciated

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