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Top 20 Africa Proverbs to Skyrocket Your Passion

African Proverbs also know as adages have questioned the minds of both the young and old. Wisdom is derived from them when applied to our daily lives. It is in this lite I bring to you, top twenty Africa proverbs that will help boost your passion this year.

We’ve been constantly reminded of the negative energy around us. These negative vibes have effected our lifestyles in several ways but it is up to you and me to play a different tune.

We might not be a superhero to make a significant change in the world, surely we can be superheroes in our lives.

It doesn’t matter how or when the changes will take place, all that counts is the will to trust the process in chasing our passion and consistently applying all that it teaches.

I welcome everyone once again to this campfire. Sit anywhere you feel comfortable as we explore the words of the African elders for a fulfilling year.

“Send a boy where he wants to go, and you’ll see his best pace”.

Passion is all it takes
Passion is the key

Passion is everything, my friends. Have you seen a man who loves his job? he will give all it takes to that thing.

Even if it cost him hundreds of hours, he will still be tall and standing. The energy within is unmatched because he is enjoying the process.

Your passion brings out the best of you. The pay will not count when it’s tough but and inner peace will be your state of mind every day.

Have you wandered off? Are you fighting to get that fire which you once hard as a kid?. Your passion is the key to rekindling that fire.

As you are sitting with me right now, take a moment to think about your passion and when you find it, run with it and do not stop. Make it your aim this year.

If you’ve found it but it’s neglected somewhere, pick it up and drive with it because it is that which will give you the best pace you seek.

“ Even the lion, the king of the forest, protects himself against flies. “

To whom do you share your deepest desire with?

What are you afraid of? Your self or your dreams.

So many times when people see quotes like this, they immediately conclude that it refers to someone else.

We might feel it’s an individual whom we’ve shared our passion with and have disappointed us with their reply. This might be true but look at it from this perspective.

If you do not allow the negative words of the individual stop you from chasing your passion, then they have no foundation.

So first of all, this year, you’ve got to work on yourself. Believe in you. Have it in your mind that you are the king in your territory.

Am not knowledgeable enough to show you how you could access all the powers within you, but what I do know for such is that, if you decide to take control of your self first, no external force can break you.

Everything falls into place if you know thyself.

Stop yourself from being scared for following your guts. It is this self-inflicted flies that can stop us from attaining our full potentials.

“ Knowledge is like a lion; it cannot be gently embraced “

Over time, we’ve heard people say, you can’t give what you don’t have but what if we have it and not even aware?

Knowledge is the key to success.

You don’t have to be an encyclopaedia or a custodian of everything but you own it to yourself to keep improving your intellect every day.

Things change every time and for us to flow with it, we must educate ourselves. If you want success so bad, then you must quest for more information.

This means leaving your comfort zone, pushing your limit, and a constant reminder that you can do better.

This is not to say you should forget about all the beautiful things around you, but it should be noted with all modesty.

When you feel you are not grounded in some area, get the knowledge needed aggressively.

Do not feel too big or small to get informed. Knowledge can come from any race, tribe, age, sex, religion.

Don’t expect it from one aspect or your country alone. It can come from Africa. Search for it from numerous viewpoints like this Africa proverbs. It makes you vast.

“Strategy is better than strength”

Have you seen a movie about war? Or have you by chanced to watch the movie 300?

Africa proverbs about strategy
Passion is strategy

Most times, it is not all about strength but strategy. We need to sit down and find the best way we can lunch ourself to our goals.

The passion is there, yes I agree with you. You also have the zeal and desire to go further. What is remaining is strategy?

Like the warlords, sit with your self or with your groups on how you are going to beat every challenge that comes your way this year.

There might have been a way it is done, but search for a different way. In that way, you will achieve a different result.

Covid 19 and its safety procedures have forced us online.

Yes, we’ve been online for decades but we need to learn more about how it can work best for us and not against us.

Sit and strategies your time.

Strategies how you will come out victorious on the other side. Change the storyline. Think beyond the box.

See every challenge as an opportunity and make it work for you by bringing you one step closer to your dreams.

Remember, it is not enough to have the skill, passion, zeal, strength. We must map out our plans strategically on blueprints for a brighter and clearer stand.

“ Do not respond to a mosquito with a hammer because you will miss and hurt yourself”

Hold still Abigail, do not move an inch. (Curious) Why? There is a mosquito at your back. (Unsettled. From my side eyes, I notice he was carrying an object. Immediately, I jump to my feet). Here goes an episode.

(The typical me) Are you okay? Is it because of one tiny little creature that you want to break my bones?

Imagine. What were you thinking in the first place? What if you missed? What happens then?

Please never in your life should you try that again. Leave the mosquito next time please ( storms out).

Have you been in this scenario?

If you live in Africa, am sure you will relate more but that’s not where am driving to.

The point is, do you make a mountain out of something insignificant.

Your employe makes a little mistake and you let it all out. You left no stone unturned. Take it, easy friend.

Your kid did something little and you are on top of your voice. Take it easy.

You forget the food on the gas or left the home key at a friends house. You get mad with yourself and start giving the wall a fist. Come on friend, slow down.

It’s just a mistake. Let it go. Sincerely, we are all guilty of this sometimes. Am number one.

In every uneasy situation, you should try to always approach it with a gentle heart. So we don’t end up hurting ourselves or anybody else.

Don’t take extreme decisions over minor problems. It might hurt you at the end.

“If you think you have someone eating your hands, it is a good idea to count your fingers”

The first time I came across this proverb, it reminded me of an incident that took place in my dad’s house.

One morning, my junior sister woke up and was complaining of leg pain. We checked her leg to see if there was an injury but found none.

Later in the noon, she was still restless. We decided to take a closer look once more but this time with kine eyes.

That’s it. We got it at last. A rat has eaten the under of her legs.

Prevent yourself from rat bites this year
Rats do eat human legs

We were all surprised by this discovery but there was nothing we could do. We told her sorry and encourage her to bear the pain.

The next day morning, the pain did not go but instead, it became worse. We took a closer look and it was as if the rat had come for a second bite.

We were wondering what kind of rat was that. We asked her if she felt anything when the rat was biting her, she said no.

The next day, it was another of us. Same rat bite. By now we were scared but could not tell our dad what was going on.

We decided to handle the rat case ourselves. Imagine five little girls trying to solve the rat case.

What did we do?

First of all, we decided to ask some of our seniors the kind of rat that feeds on human flesh. They said all rat eats the leg of humans if they can but they only do that when there is no food around.

At night that day, we all put on socks. Still the next day, the rat ate the leg of one of us.

We then decided to stay awake all through the night awaiting the rat.

Oh boy, I wish you could see us that day. We were prepared for this mystery rat.

We tried all the tricks we knew to stay awake but some of us fell asleep. I can’t recall the time, but late into the night, the rat came out unknown that it was being watched.

We allowed the rat to have some bite and feel relax before I picked up my broom from my side and gave it a sound wipe.

The rat scream and ran off.

Oh yeah, we won. That was the end of the rat.

What can you deduce from this tale?

The point is, when you find something amiss in your relationship, job, dreams, do all you can to get to the root and fix it.

“Too much fear creates slavery”.

Refuse to be a prisoner in your own home.

The fear of not being good enough has stopped so many of us from doing what we melted to do.

A slave is one who obeys everything his master says.

Now imagine you being a slave to a master you created. Isn’t that awful?

Yes, it is. So we must not give in to fear. Even if you are scared to approach that goal, with little steps you can make it until you finally overcome your fear.

Be the master of your home and fear will become your slave.

“With a little seed of imagination, you can grow a field full of hope”

Have read tons of books about the power of imagination and this is not limited to any tribe or philosophy.

Our elders in Africa still believe in the power of imagination and they are admonishing us through Africa proverbs to take that part.

Have you ever tried picturing yourself in the place you want to be?

At first, the picture is blurry but with constant practice, it becomes crystal clear like the blue sea.

There is this feeling you have when you see yourself in the place you want to be. You might not have been there, but there is a hidden joy within you anytime you think about it.

Imagination brings about hope in the darkest of time. Do you want your field to blossom? then add a bit of imagination to it.

We all need to see past the surface level if we must make it this year. There is a lot of negativity around us and for us not to get lost in it, we need hope. Light from the tunnel.

That light is your imagination. Give it power and watch it sow this year.

” When a king has good counsellors, his reign is peaceful”

I believe this is pretty straightforward.

Do me a favour. Go through your phone list and identify those people who have uplifted you last year.

Those friends, family, neighbour, a colleague who have looked you in the eyes and say Jane, Abigail, Ese, Onome, you can do this. I believe in you.

Also in your phone list, search for the ones that always see the negative in everything. You know there are people like that right?

Friends who will count a thousand and one reasons why you should not start that business. Why you should not take the trip or investment.

Come on…

That same bridge that you are so scared to take others has taken it before. Just look for them and ask how they did it. Simple.

Challenges will come. So what. Move on. Let them know you are aware of the risk involved but you will rather try than not try at all.

When you have made a list of both, be closer to those who have foresight. Keep their company attached to you. Seek counsel from them.

For the other group, reduce your relationship with them. Spend less time talking about your dreams with them.

If they don’t know about your dream, they would have no negative contribution.

Choose your council members wisely.

“Don’t take another mouthful before you have swallowed what is in your mouth”

My daughter is an expert when it comes to this. She does not like eating and she knows I won’t let her go, so she keeps taking it until her mouth is full.

She can’t swallow it, neither can she chew it. She will be staring at me when she gets to this spot.

Looking at the above scenario, it is more productive to handle one goal at a time.

Trying to do all at the same time, will end up draining you mentally, physically and otherwise.

The hard pill to swallow is that we might not end up finishing anyone.

This can be likened to another Africa proverbs that says ” That guy has twelve jobs but thirteen accidents”.

This simply means having so much talent but not exceptional at any.

Am not saying you should focus on just one thing in reverse what am saying is you should attribute a time to each of your goals.

Let’s say your dreams is to be fit this year. You can’t be exercising and trying to listen to an audiotape.

Even when exercising, you need concentration. Some jobs can go side by side and it’s up to you to figure it out.

Give yourself time. Schedule your time to fit into your day so you don’t get exhausted on the way.

If you do not take one spoon at a time, you might end up choking yourself which is not good.

So friends, one spoon at a time wouldn’t be a bad idea, right?

“One is not great just because one says one is”.

If you say it, then you must work to achieve it.

It is good to call into life all that we wish. It’s also excellent when it’s a reality and people could see and relate with it.

Instead of stopping in the saying face, doing it should be our next go.

Bringing that dream into manifestation is the strongest ray ever.

When you do, you will be glad you did. Just saying you are great at something does not give much recognition.

Bring it to the limelight.

“He who wants to be famous will have many sleepless nights”

It is not easy to succeed in life. Is not.

Even those born into wealth still face some difficulties when trying to find their self.

Back then in University, I was not strong financially so I needed extra income. That means I have to work.

A particular holiday, I was meant to go for my IT training which will take a huge trunk of my time and I don’t even have the money for my transport.

That same month, I got a good deal to go for a business class. What do I do? I wanted all of this. None was less important.

The main stuff, however, was finance. By Yahweh’s grace, I got a deal to teach dance in a school.

This is the list before me. I have to go to my IT training, go for my business class and then go to teach.

The IT training and business class start at 8 a. m. I was confused. To make matters worse, the distance between the three was not even close.

What I did.

I melt the IT manager and told him about my financial status. I said sir, I know am supposed to resume at 8 a.m but please can you bend the rules for me?

Can I start my training at 3 pm? I have a job at hand which will help me raise money. Then I told him that when I come by 3 pm, I can stay until 7 pm. He agreed.

For my 8 o clock business class, I left every day by 11 am. The class is from 8 am to 11 am then we take a break until noon. Then close at one.

After the first session, I usually leave the class for the school but then when the secretary comes to take a headcount, am always marked absent.

When I found out about this, I took a bold step. I melt with the director of the school and discuss my schedules with him.

I promise him I will get all the materials from the afternoon session. He agreed. He then commented.

” Multitasking uhn, good for you. Keep it up”.

My activities for that month was this. I get to my business class at 8 am, then leave by 11 am. Get a but to the school, I was teaching, which we take about 20 to 30 minutes, I used my other minutes to warm up before the students arrive.

I start at noon and round up by 2 pm. I take the next available bus for my IT training. The drive will take about 30 minutes also.

When I arrive, I change into my rehearsal clothes and rest until 3 pm. Classes usually end at 7:30 pm. I get home at 8 pm. That was my day for 2months.

Was it stressful? Of course. Did I get value? More than what I bargained for.

When I remember those times, I tell myself if I can do that then, then I can do it now.

In summary, friend, if you want to go farther, you must be ready to lose some sleep.

“He that beats the drum for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself”

I was told a tale by my aunty to give a vivid explanation to this proverb.

She said once a man was taking his bath outside his house. ( some neighbourhood in Africa have a bathroom outside which is made from zink).

Village bathroom in Nigeria Africa
zink bathroom in Nigeria

So on this faithful day, this gentleman was taking his bath, when he noticed that a mad man has just collected his clothes and was running away.

Immediately, he washed the soap from his eyes and was chasing after the mad man necked.

If you had seen such a scene, who would you describe as the mad man? We all know the answer.

This is what happens to you when you give room to things that are not necessary.

Instead of being the victor, you become the victim. Do not pay attention to the silly comment made by individuals who do not know your story.

You are the author of this life and I believe you will write a pretty good story.

“ A single bracelet does not jingle”.

Neither can a bunch of broomsticks be broken easily.

At one point in our life, we all need someone who shares our passion and aspirations with us.

Two heads are better than one. Instead of working on a project solely, why not involve some extra hands.

One or two hands will push that job faster. It will give it life and make it more exciting.

So before you start your next project, look for like minds. People who believe in the goal as much as you do.

They will give you the fuel you need when you are out.

“When the roots of a tree begin to decay, it spreads death to the branches”

The scripture says when the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do?

So much sense has been made concerning, the beginning of a project. It will be beneficial if you will write out your plans in black and white.

It makes it easier for you to remember all the tiny details that need to make it work.

For your foundation to be strong, you have to give it all it takes. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to come up with a sound plan. What counts is how much effort you put into it.

A wise man once said you can’t keep repeating the same thing and expect a different result.

In essence, if you take care of your garden of thoughts, through detail planning of your foundation, then you will have a bountiful harvest.

The fruit will blossom as they’ve never been.

Also, if you do not take care of the root, you will bear no fruit even if you do, they will have a sour taste.

At the end of the day, a healthy foundation produces a healthy success.

“Do a good deed and throw it into the sea”

Good deed. This is the greatest gift of all.

You don’t have to get up the ladder before you do a good deed. Start where you are. Start today. Do a good deed.

It might be insignificant to you, but to someone, it’s really important.

If only we could all look at for each other. The world will be a better place. Everyone is thinking about themselves and their families – which is not a bad idea but is there no space for someone who is not us?

Racism has cost a lot of damage in the world. Tribalism has brought a lot of sets back in my country.

Where do we go from here?

Love is all we need.

In any way you can help another, please do. It will go a long way in healing the world.

Some people might take it for granted, or abuse your generosity but do not frets. Just do it and let it go.

Not because you will be rewarded but because you have love in your heart and you are sharing it.

So please do not stop loving.

“A mouth like yours should get jam”.

Every once in a while, we all need someone who we just say the right word that we needed at the moment.

There is no need trying to point out the wrong, a word of hope will calm the roaring storm.

In every relationship, let our words be healing stones. Let people smile when they see you.

Decide this year that your words to your kids, spouse, neighbour, will be like jam in the mouth.

“No one knows caution like regret”

Do you have regrets? Do you wish for a do-over?

I do. But I can’t have it. However, I have a choice to look ahead.

We’ve all made one mistake or the other which cost us something special. Though you can’t change the past, work to make the future better.

This is a new year. Free yourself from every regret and forge ahead.

Don’t be too cautious. Sometimes a bit of risk is all we need. Let our enthusiasm for success this year, be our motivating factor.

Try new things and have no regrets that you did.

“ Earth is the queen of beds”

Africa also share in this bed
The bed of all beds

No one loves to hear this but this day will surely come.

We can’t run away from it even if we try.

All we wish its for it to come when we are old and have lived a well-fulfilled life.

A life full of meaning and purpose. A life worth a while. A life that will be celebrated.

Always remember this day and make the best of every moment. Make every secs count this year.

Until then friends, Hakuna Matata. Enjoy every day. Cherish every moment.

When the bed of all beds is dressed, you will be glad you left your footprint behind.

“Happiness requires something to do, something to love and something to hope for”

You own yourself this much friend, to be happy. Do that which gives you joy. Something you love.

Be happy in all things. Find joy where there is none. Give joy to the hopeless. There stands true happiness.

There you have it, friends, top 20 proverbs to skyrocket your passion this year.

Am sorry if I relate too much of my life experience and made you bored.

Thanks for sitting with me, and have a wonderful year. Happy New Year.

Please leave a comment below about this proverbs. Thanks.

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