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Living With Nature: Top 5 Reasons Why It Is a great plan

Life is too short to live on anxiety and depression so make the most out of it by living with nature and watch yourself living stress-free.

Nature gave us two cheeks instead of one, to make it easier to eat hot food.                               African proverb)

Why do you think all around us there are greens, lakes, rivers, trees, animals? Is there a reason why these things were created?

What does the above quote mean to you? It is an African quote about nature and the roles it plays in our lives daily.

My interpretation of the quote is different from yours however, this is my view.

In every situation we find ourselves, there are always two sides to it – If we could just take a moment to look.

I welcome everyone to this green parlour of mine. Sit under the mango tree as we relax with nature.

Meaning Of Nature

What do we understand by the term nature? Is it something abstract or what we can relate to? Is it possible to live with nature?  Why is living with nature so important at this age?

According to the English dictionary, nature is the natural world; that which consists of all things unaffected by or predating human technology, production, and design.

It also went further to say that it is the harmony to that which is natural, as distinguished from that which is artificial or forced, or remote from experience.

If nature is the harmony to that which is natural wouldn’t it be nice living with nature daily?

This will be a great plan.

Living in Nature – The Village Lifestyle



Living with nature

A village lifestyle is a typical example of living with nature. From dawn to dust, these people are one with nature. Their life depends on it. That’s why they live up to a 100.

How do they do this? 

First, in every compound in the village, there is always a fruit tree. A minimum of two to each compound.

Fruit trees like mangos, Orange,  avocado pear,  African pear, lime, pawpaw, almonds are the fruits mostly planted but not the least.

This is not compared to the varieties of veggies planted in the yard also.

Healthy Living: young fluted pumpkin/ugu
fluted pumpkin/Ugu

The food they eat is bought from the farm. Pepper, tomatoes, okro, name it. The women prepare soup from the veggies they plant which will last about a day or two.

Drinking water is got from rain. When it rains, they put out a clay pot to collect water. It is believed that it is the purest and cleanest of all waters.

Since there is no chemical or anything artificial about it, I agree with them.

The water is stored in a clay pot, and place in a cool area in the house. The nature of the pot makes it cool and fresh all day.

Also, because of the presence of alkaline in the pot, it purifies the water. The villagers are not aware of this theory but anything nature gives it’s perfect. That’s why we should learn to live with nature.

A study carried out in 2012 says that drinking naturally carbonated artesian-well alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 may help deactivate pepsin, the main enzyme that causes acid reflux.

Work and Nature

Villagers experience the best of fresh air compared to people living in the cities. The air is cool and refreshing. Not hard or toxic.

Due to technology and innovation, traffic, refineries, the air is usually congested. Can you tell the difference?

You can only tell if you have lived with nature and also experience the city hustle and bustle.

Furthermore, the people in the village living with nature and enjoying the natural habitat care less about the big life.

Their lifestyle is simple. They woke up at about 5 am, to go to their farms. They plant cassava which will later be processed to make garri a local food.

When this is done, they keep some for the house and sell the others.

At the cool of the day, they pluck fruits from the tree to eat while relaxing under the trees with the cool air.

Would it not be nice to live with nature in this setting? Where all you eat is produced naturally?

Would you take a vacation to experience this natural life?

As good as this lifestyle sounds, there is also some disadvantage.

Disadvantages Of Living In The Village

If you are not one with nature nor willing to experience this great life, it will be difficult to cope with this land.

1. If you like parties and fancy life you will not find it here. What you will get is naming ceremonies, festivals and rites of passage.

2. Mosquito is a great pest. Mosquito bites bring malaria and even with the mosquito nets, they still find their way somehow and you have lots of them in the village.

3. You are cut off from technology unless you have a smartphone. You also need a good internet connection. Either way,  you read or listen to local radio stations.

4. In the case of natural disaster, those living in this environment, are worst hit before help comes.

5. Everyone knows you in the community. In the city, we live our separate lives but here it is communal living. Which is a pain in the ass sometimes.

5 Reasons Why It Is a Great Plan To Live With Nature.

1. When you live with nature, you see life from a whole new perspective. You see the greatness and uniqueness in living things. This feeling will help you appreciate life and see all living things as important.

2. Living with Nature frees you from anxiety and depression. Just by swimming in the river or playing with it the water, gives a sense of peace.

3. Meditation is a goal in this setting. There are no distractions because everywhere is calm and quiet.

4. The opportunity to eat a well-balanced diet. Due to the freshness of the veggies, they total to boost your immune system, unlike canned food.

5. Life is cheap when you are living with nature. Everything is free. You plant your veggies yourself, you rear domestic animals for meat, get fish from the river, get oil from your palm nuts, what more can you ask for?

6. There are less mental blocks when you are living with nature. Freshness in the air and newness in life from young plants can spark up creativity.

How to incorporate nature into the city life

1. If you have a yard, no matter how small try to plant some veggies of your choice cause they come in handy.

2. If you can, get a clay pot to buy to store your drinking water as this will improve your immune system.

3. Take a walk in the park often. You do not need to have a reason, just go for site seeing and if a park is not close to, you, plant some flowers that can accommodate your surroundings.

4. Eat fresh fruit. Always find out if they are carbonated or not. Include as much as you can in your meal/ anytime of the day.

5.Take a break from technology. Turn of the tv, phones and tablets. Be free from it even if is for an hour.


A life with nature is a life lived with the natural environment. It brings a sense of freshness, harmony and creativity.

The immune system is built when we eat lots of veggies and drink alkaline water from the clap pot.

Though we live in the city, we can export the village lifestyle into our world – which is an example of living with nature.

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