African mother poem

African Mother: A Poem For Mothers.

My African mother, singing praises to the gods. Whistling and bursting around the corners, with sparkles of laughter around her lips. Adorned with the radiance of love and hope. Beauty is the hands that made you.

African mother poem

Bless are you mother, my African goddess.
Like the earth, you are strong and bold.
Daring and determined.
Unmatched in strength and splendour.
Gentle and kind.
You are my hero.

Tales of your discipline has crossed borders.
Bringing shiver to those who don’t know you but laughter to those who understand you.
You quench  fire with your hands
Pick up the pot while is hot.
Sweep, mop, cook and carry the baby at a time. Still, you show up at my school gate tall and elegant like a gazelle.
Greeting me with the warmest of hugs.
Sometimes I wonder if you are not superhuman.

The quest for a better me drives you to the edge.
You do not spare the rod?
You do not take no for an answer?
Neither do you sleep while the world is in slumber?
Even when it hurts, you smile.
Creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

My African mother what would I do without you?
You are my 911 in times of distress.
My bin to drop all tantrums.
My support ticket 24/7
Beautiful mother
Lovely queen
Wonderful soul
Thank you

I shine because you have painted the sky.
You call me rainbow and that makes me feel on top of the world.
Like the Peacock, I show off.
You say, careful child, I replied, is okay mother, I won’t fall.
Why should I be afraid when I have you?
Who dares touch me when my African mother is with me? I will always run to her back for safety and I win every time I do it.

My African mother. Mama Africa.
The smell of your palm oil stew is a rhythm to my tummy.
Hoping side to side with admiration.
Have lost count of how many times I have peeked through the window.
I yearn for that clarion call.
Food is ready.

Would you do me the honours by signing your autograph in my heart?
It will mean the world to me.
You are my model for a superhuman
A beautiful mother and friend.
When last did I see the water sliding down my face?
You always know when it comes and you brace yourself to catch them.
You are the best, my African mother.

Living with you has prepared me for greatness.
I am refined like gold.
Admired.  A true daughter of the soil.
Fast and swift like the cheater.
My mama’s twin.

You once said, happy is the girl that finds her feet.
You are a custodian of advice.
You know the right words to say and it cools every volcano exploding in me.
You are who you are.
Not perfect but awesome.
Not proud but confident.
Not weak but merciful.
Mess with my African mother, and you will see her other side.

With all you do, sometimes you are not appreciated and you deserve a standing ovation for being the best African mother.
Am on my feet mama, cheering for you.
Screaming, all hail mama. My wonder woman, superhuman, superhero.

I will make you proud my African mother.
As the river flows on end, so are the smiles I will put on your face.
I will live my dreams as you have taught me.
I will dance and sing at the dawn of a new day.
A grateful heart I am my superhuman African mother.

I thank you for being here my friend. It is an honour to be friends with you and share this love of mine. Do tell me how you feel concerning this poem and also like and share if it is an inspiration to a loved one.

Dedicated to all mothers.

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