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56 Nigeria Culture Facts

Nigeria cultural facts. What do you love about Nigeria? Do you love the people/ culture? When given a chance would you love to be a Nigerian? I can hear some people shouting no, no, no. I understand. Even I would love a land that is full of hopes, dreams and desires.

Not a place of injustice. Anyway, I love my culture and I won’t trade it for the world.

In every society, there are up’s and downs and in Nigeria, there are a lot of issues to be fixed. I do hope it becomes the giant of Africa as it is known.

With that being said, let’s look at some interesting traditions about Nigeria and its people. Below are some of Nigeria cultural facts. I hope you love it.

Welcome friends. Now, we are sitting with mama Ada. She is living with nature in the village enjoying the gift of nature. Let’s join her. She is our black beauty pilot for this session about Nigeria culture facts.

56 Cultural Facts In Nigeria

The Nigerian culture

1. Do you know Nigeria has more than 500 ethnic groups and over 1500 different languages? With such a huge number of ethnic group, it is bound to have several culture and traditions.

2. Do you know Nigerians are loudspeakers? This just made me laugh right now. Loudspeakers. Am sorry to all Nigerians but seriously our voice is so high that you will think we are fighting. Others try to maintain when they are in an unfamiliar environment, but some do not care.

3. In Nigeria, we have three main religions. Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion. (ATR) Each religious group has their ardent followers.

While the majority of the southerners are Christians, in the north, Islamic religion rules. You might be wondering – what about African traditional religion? Well, they belong to the minority group.
We hear about them occasionally.

Male culture Facts

Male culture in Nigeria

4. Do you know before now only men own landed property? It is believed that a female child belongs to her husband’s family and the male child belongs to the immediate family.

If a father is well established, he might give some wealth to his female children but not landed property. Also, when she is married, she cannot buy landed property on her own. Interesting.

It is also believed that, in modern times, if she must have a landed property, it must not be before her husband. I can see you are smiling. Welcome to Nigeria culture facts.

Sometimes I wonder if this is the best decision. Because it made some women hide their assets from their husband. I am not in support of this action neither will I crucify it.

I have this mindset because some husband’s family have made life difficult for mothers after the death of their spouse. A wealth acquired by both parties is also collected by the family. Leaving little or nothing to her.

What will you do if you are in this shoe?

Why we don't show affection in public

5. We do not show public affection. You can not see couples kissing each other in public? It can never happen even if they are married. It is an act for closed doors because there are kids and teenagers everywhere. We don’t want to give a wrong impression.

Things are changing these days anyway. Still, it is a rear sight.

6. Do you know our dress/cloth usually has hard wraps and caps. Whatever style we sew our clothes, a piece is always removed for headwraps.

Bead Cultures

Beads Fact in Nigeria
Bead Culture

7. Do you know is in our culture to wear beads? I could remember then as a kid growing up, I and my sisters have waist beads. It is put on the female child around three to four months old.

It adds beauty and a kind of special attraction to the waist. Why some parents prefer the same colours, others just go with the rainbow.

Eating Culture Facts

8. Do you know we eat with our hands? Every country has a manner/way in which they eat. While the Europeans use cutlery, the Chinese use a chopstick. For us, we prefer our hands. This Nigeria culture facts never change.

Have you eaten with your hands? ( For none Nigerians). For me, I love it. I will prefer my hands any day, any time but that will be when am at home. I don’t want to be seen as a bushbaby when am in a public space. (Lol).

9. It is rude and a bad habit to eat with your left hand. Although, I just found out from one of the groups on Facebook that it is a good thing.

The author said we should encourage our kids to eat with their left hands too. She says it improves learning and it has a lot to do with the left side of the brain?

Just like the way dance improves learning in schools, this can be a breakthrough. But then, the Nigerian culture frowns at it.

I will need to have a one on one talk with my mind. Should I go with Nigeria culture facts, or train my ebony bouncing baby boy to use his left hand too. What do you think?

How To Eat With Your Hands Culture

10. When eating with your hands, you must eat from the side facing you. Especially if you are eating eba ( a Nigeria special food). It makes the food look attractive.

When eating from different sides, it looks untidy and uninviting. So you must learn to eat neatly even with your hands.

11. Do you know the meat is the last thing to eat? Let’s say you are served rice as a kid. You dare not eat the meat, fish or egg inside the food until you are done eating.

This technique from childhood has gotten used to us that as adults, we still practice it.

12. You must not ask for more meat or food. If you do, you are Oliver twist. Be contented with what you are given.

13. You must always thank your parents after every meal. You say thank you ma/ thank you, sir, to your parents or greet them in your dialect.

My parents prefer we greet them with our dialect. They will say am not a white man so greet me in the African traditional way.

14. When eating and you are asked to pass the salt/ a washing hand bowl, remember to pass it with your right hands.

15. In the home, the father is first to be served breakfast/ dinner. Then the children, followed by the mother. Mothers are superheroes all over the globe and they deserve to be celebrated all the time. For this, I wrote a poem appreciating my African mother, for her endless sacrifice.

16. When you are serving an elder food, you must respect him/her by putting in more than one meat.

The more the merrier. This also applies to visitors who are advance in age.

What do you think about Nigeria cultural facts so far?

Respect Culture For Your Elders

17. When you wake up in the morning, you must go and greet your parents. We greet in our dialect while kneeling, standing or bowing down.

18. If there is only one chair left in a bank/ bus, you should let the elder sit even if you go there first.

Also, even you are already seated, and an elderly person walks in, you should stand up for him/her.

19. You do not argue/ question your parents no matter what. If they are wrong, keep quiet. If they are right stay silent too.

20. Nigeria culture facts stays that you don’t call someone older than you by their first name. Your parents, older siblings, your teachers in school, anyone.

As long as they are your seniors, you must respect them. You call them uncles/ aunties even if they are not your uncle/ aunty. For the ones that are more advance in age, you call them daddy/mummy.

Culture Facts About Children

Children culture in Nigeria

21. Another Nigeria culture facts is that children are responsible for their aged father/mother. We don’t take our old to nursing homes, rather our homes become theirs.

It is difficult at times, but this is what our Nigeria culture demands from us. Our parents have taken care of us when we were kids, now is our turn to repay the favour. This is a strong Nigeria culture facts that has being existing for year’s.

22. You do not look at your parents/ elders in the eyes when they talk with you. Look somewhere else. It would look as if you are challenging them. So to be on the safe side, just bow your head.

23. When you walk into a gathering, greet individuals by seniority. What this means is that you greet the one you think is the oldest, then follow on that lane until the last person.

24. Children are expected to run to their parents/ elderly visitors to greet them. If they are with any load, you must carry it unless it is heavier than you.

Culture facts about Women

Women culture in Nigeria

25. If you intend to marry a lady, a formal introduction to the family must be made. It does not matter if the father/mother know you before now.

It also does not count if you have kids together. The introduction as a suitor must be made. The number of times for introduction varies from tribe to tribe.

In the worst-case scenario, the introduction is three times. First to the father in law’s family, then mother-in-law’s family, and the last one, a gathering of both father-in-law’s family, mother-in-law’s family, the immediate parents and suitors family.

What a great culture. This Nigeria culture fact is mind-blowing.

26. After the introduction, a traditional marriage rite must be conducted. It is in this rite, the bride price of a lady is paid.

Culture Fact About Wrappers

27. In the Igbo culture, single ladies tie one wrapper, while married women tie two wrappers. This is a way of differentiating a single lady from a married woman. So you don’t mistakenly ask a married woman out.

Things are changing rapidly these days anyway. So for the male folks, do your findings very well. I believe you do not want to get into hot pepper soup? ( just kidding) Be careful anyway.

28. A large percentage of Nigerian men love to marry their tribal women. Especially the south East and southwest people. The men from Calabar also falls under this category. ( Igbos/ Yoruba).

If you are a lady and you are dating any of this tribe, please open your eyes. Generally, parents advise their children to take wives from their tribes.

Marriage Culture Facts

Marriage culture in Nigeria

29. A man can marry more than one wife according to our traditions. It is not fair to the ladies, but this is Nigeria culture for you.

30. Married men are not to eat in the restaurant. This culture has changed. Is it for the good or bad? Am not a man, so I guess I will just walk past.

My male friends here can help me understand this. I know of a man who has never eaten in a restaurant, or even at a party. As a bachelor, if his mum does not prepare food for him, he makes it himself.

Do you know who this is? My dad.
I did ask him why he did that. He said he does not eat at parties for fear of food poisoning because you don’t know who wants you down.

He also said he does not in a restaurant because it is cost-effective and once you get used to it, is hard to stop. Is this not incredible?

Wow, this least of Nigeria culture fact keeps getting interesting. Come to think of it, am learning so much about my culture writing this article.

31. Do you know women do not put on jewellery when they are mourning?

Culture Facts About Babies

Pregnancy Culture in Nigeria

32. As a friend/ visitor, you do not touch a pregnant woman’s abdomen. Even some relatives are not allowed except close ones like hubby, sisters and mum.

33. Another interesting Nigeria culture facts about babies is that you don’t ask about the sex of a child until after birth. We believe that a child is a child. So why ask about sex?

34. We also visit anyone that just gives birth. Either a neighbour, friend, relative, etc. The idea is to welcome the newborn to the world. Some bring gifts, while others just pray for the child.

35. After giving birth, a ladies mother comes to stay with her. It is usually three months but these days is changing. While some mothers stay longer than that, others are shorter.

The reason behind this tradition is to help the daughter as much as possible. Mum knows she has lost a lot of blood and so she needs all the rest she could get.

Why Mothers Visit Culture

Mother's culture in Nigeria

Another beautiful thing about this Nigeria culture is that, during this process, special food is made for you. Like all time pepper soup for mums.

The soup helps to build the immune system, flush out any congested blood, and gives relief.

36. Do you know we don’t bring newborn out of the house until he/she is a month old? Myth has it that, the babies skin is still fragile and delicate. He/she can easily contact some air bond disease, so it’s best if they are indoors. Except it is a necessity.

37. We have a naming culture in Nigeria. We do not just give names because it sounds sweet. There is a story behind every name given.

38. When a baby is born, both parents and grandparents give their names to the baby. When the child is at home, she answers the name given by her parents. When she visits grandma and pa, she is known by the name her grandparents give.

Can you see, we a community, a knitted tribe. We believe in our extended family.

39. A baby has no name until after eight days after birth. A naming ceremony is held and on that day, the name/ names of the child will be revealed.

40. Babies first birth is usually given by grandma but if she is not around, an elderly lady around you do the honour. However, if it is not grandma, close relative, the individual must be trustworthy.

General Culture Facts

41. We love food. Each tribe in Nigeria has their special food and will always take pride in sharing our father. Especially at celebrations. We cooked at almost all celebrations. As long as we are happy, we cook and invite family and friends to share in our joy.

42. During marriage celebrations, burial ceremony, we all wear the same colour of clothes. The style might be different, but the material/ fabric is the same.

It is a way of being connected to the host. Also, each fabric tells who the individuals represent.

43. One funniest Nigeria cultural facts are that you don’t need a special invitation to any party. If you are expecting five hundred guests, add a hundred uninvited guest.

Like I said earlier, we love food and some of us are a foodie.

44. The traditional fruit for all Nigeria cultural ceremony is Kola nuts. There are some interesting facts about kola nuts that you do not know. It is the fruit used for prayers to humans and also to our ancestors.

Culture Facts About Drinks

45. Hot drinks like Spirit is the drink for the gods. It is used for prayers and also for pleasure.

46. Two extraordinary heritage site in Nigeria by UNESCO are the Sukur cultural landscape in Adamawa and Osun Osogbo sacred grooves.

47. We do not define personal space. A family member can come to the house without prior knowledge.

48. If you invite a friend for dinner, you pay the bills. Since you were the one that did the invitation, it is believed that you are capable of taking care of the bills.

49. When two individuals are standing/ walking on the road, you don’t pass their middle. Instead, you tell them to excuse you. The way will be cleared for you.

50. You do not cross over someone’s leg be it a male or a female.

51. Quoting proverbs to an elder is disrespectful.

52. It Is disrespectful to reject gifts from an elder.

53. A man is not expected to sleep in his in-laws’ house.

54. Some cultures do not allow you to share egg with anyone even a relative. This has a lot to do with rites.

55. It is also Nigerian culture facts that parents talk more with their eyes and hands to the kids.

Nigeria lady culture dress
My cultural dress


Wow, what a day. It’s been a long day. I enjoyed my time and I hope you do too. This is the end, my friends. I hope you learned one or two from Nigeria culture facts. Please like if you enjoy this post, subscribe to know of our latest posts and leave a comment below.

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    I love Nigeria. Nigerians have special qualities blended in them.Nigerians are great people, hardworking, resilient ,intelligent, independent.
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      I hope things get better.

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