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Top 35 Amazing South Africa Culture Facts

Welcome people to another exciting time. Today, we zoom off to South Africa to learn about south Africa culture facts. I hope you are excited like me.

When you hear about South Africa, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? There is a lot of stories behind this great nation.

A day or two of marvelling in the wonders of nature and the wide is a good start. However, South Africa will not be where it is today, without its people, culture and traditions.

And that is why I took my time to give you a hint about life in South Africa. I hope you enjoy this list of South Africa culture facts as much as I.

Facts About People Of South Africa

Facts in South Africa
People of South Africa

1. It will shock you to know that the first people that live in South African are the San and Khoikhoi aboriginal people.

2. I believe you have heard about the tribe that carries shield and spears? They are the Zulu’s. The most famous tribe in South Africa.

3. Do you know that the Zulu’s are also known for their beehive huts, bead art and basket?

4. Another tribe in South Africa are the Xhosa tribe. This set is known for its complicated dress style. It represents the status of individuals.

5. We can not list south Africa cultural facts without mentioning the Ndebele tribe. Women of this tribe are known for their lively geometric house designs, beaded artwork and blankets.

6. Do you know the Sotho tribe in South Africa has a culture of marrying from their mother’s cousins? This tribe is also recognized for the building of villages.

Culture Facts in SA

7. Do you know that South Africa culture is a mixed culture? The Bantu people brought their culture from North Africa when coming to South Africa.

Likewise, the Europeans also brought theirs. This creates a blend of the present-day cultures and traditions in South Africa.

8.To the Nguni people marriage is far from close families. Remember the Sotho tribe that marries close relatives? Different folks, diverse culture.

What are your views concerning South Africa culture facts so far? Please share with me. As for me, I am enjoying my time with a snack in hand.

Let’s move on…

9. Also on South Africa culture facts, is the Venda culture. Do you know that in the Venda culture water is seen as sacred? This tribe happen to be one of the smallest in the country.

10. Do you know that immigration from China and India also influence South African culture?

Facts About South Africa As A Country

South Africa Facts
An image from South Africa

11. Do you know that early creations have been found in South Africa? Thanks to archaeologist who found African’s prosperous sites. These sites were located in South Africa and there is knowledge of the early man existence.

12. Do you know that officially South Africa is known as the Republic of South Africa or RSA?

13. Do you know that there are eleven officially recognised languages in South Africa? Zimbabwe has a high number of officially recognised language too.

You should check out Zimbabwe culture facts for tips about Zimbabweans culture.

14. Do you know the Iconic table mountain is located in South Africa? It is one of the oldest mountains in the world.

16. The major religions in South Africa are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.

17. Do you know because of the diversity in language, when you get to an office, you can expect to be spoken to in any of the languages? So as a visitor be prepared

18. Furthermore, in South Africa Culture facts are that, when you invite a friend to hang out, they take care of their drinks, food and every other thing they need.

This is not an African culture I must confess. However, since South Africa is a mix of Europeans and blacks, their culture will also influence the people.

Another African country that the European culture and other cultures have influence, is Morocco. Morocco culture facts are all you need as a guild.

Facts About Everyday Life

19. Do you know that in South Africa, native doctors( Spiritual healers. Some are seen as evil ) are seen as everyday people? Unlike some other parts of Africa where they run from them like in Nigeria.

20. Do you know abortion is seen as a legal practice in South Africa?

21. Also, it is common for ladies to give birth before they marry. If you are 21 years old and have not given birth, you will be celebrated in a big way.

22. The most spoken languages are Zulu and Xhosa.

23. Do you know that even though South Africa has a president, various kings are representing each tribe?

24. Life in South Africa is characterized by religion, ethnicity and social status.

25. Another South Africa cultural facts are that the country is large.
It has a stunning and diverse landscape, wildlife, flora and fauna.

26. Last but not least on South Africa culture facts is that the country is becoming more westernised. Hence the country is losing some of its cultural ethics.

Food Culture In South Africa

27. Also on South Africa culture facts, foods are sourced from different cultures and traditions.

Don’t you just love the sound of that? Imagine a meal combine from five different cultures. Oh mine, I can’t wait to try something like that.

28. Put it on your list to try this food when you get to South Africa. Boiltong, Boerewors, Malva Pudding, Bunny Chow and Pap.

29. When it comes to cuisine, South Africans love their meat. Meat is a major part of South African cuisines.

This reminds me of Nigerian cuisine. It’s similar. I think you should check out Nigerian culture facts, to know more.

Also, in South Africa, barbecue is called Braii.

Music And Dress Culture In South Africa

30. This next fact is synonymous with all African country. Music in South Africa is a distinct mix

31.South African’s music is a blend of Jazz, religious music and a bit of European mix.

32. Spoken poetry is known in South Africa and almost all African countries practice this form of poetry. The world is gradually imbibing this culture.

33. Do you also know that the rock art you see all over South Africa was made by the San and Khoikhoi tribe?

34. In terms of everyday dress/ clothing, South Africans dress moderately.

35. Do you know South African clothing has a lot to do with identity and status?

Do you know that the people of Madagascar also have an interesting culture?


It is a great time learning about facts in South Africa. From the people to the culture, the wildlife and the high mountains, it is an outstanding experience.

From the Sotho tribe who marries from their mother’s cousins to the Nguni who does not marry close relatives.

It is also a great heritage knowing food is a shared culture in South Africa.

On a final note, I want to say thank you for being part of this journey. Please do share, like and subscribe for future adventures.

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