African facts and people
A map of Africa and its land

40 Interesting African Culture Facts

African facts and people
A map of Africa and its land

African culture facts are the elements that make up the African society. The different African country has their uniqueness and style. We are a people of shared identity.

If I ask you, what do you think is synonymous with all African countries? Is it the culture, traditions, people, or tribes? Regarding your race, can you say for a fact that your views are accurate?

For the past months, I have been writing about cultural facts in various African countries. Africa is a land of diversified beauty and splendour. However, we see very little of its magnificent heritage, culture, and traditions.

With the uniqueness embedded in every African society, it will be difficult to group all as one entity. We will try our best to give you cultural facts that cut across African lands.

Welcome my friends. It is a great privilege to share this time with you. Do not leave so soon, cause I have a juicy topic for you today. So sit back and enjoy the ride, while I take you through African culture facts.

Overview Of African Culture

African people and culture
African tribes in Nigeria

When we talk about Africa, we are referring to the 54 African countries. Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Morocco and a host of others. Time will not permit me to at least all. So, please bear with me.

In Africa, there is a proverb that says:

If you pick one end of a stick, you also pick up the other.

This means united we stand but divided we fall. Africa is where it is today because we respect our traditions to the end. This lifestyle might be good/bad but we love it, anyway. For me, I cherish and practice the positive festivals, traditions and culture, and give a blank face to others. (those that contradict my belive and personality.)

One white country or the other has colonised almost all African countries. The aftermath of these colonizers has had a hefty blow to African traditions and society. I see traces of the past every day. It comes as muniments, museum, and historical sites. We cannot discuss African culture facts, without noting the colonial era.

Furthermore On African Culture

In Africa, there are diverse ethnic groups in various countries. Food is a special ceremony in all countries. Each tribe has a unique blend and style. We do not limit the style to local forms, but also a blend of African dish plus European cuisines.

While some food is to satisfy the body, we prepare others for medicinal purpose. For example, we usually prepare Banga soup for special guest, while pepper soup is a healthy soup for a lady who just gives birth.

Traditional dance and music are also vital aspects of African traditions. All African countries have endless forms and patterns of dance to fit the society. We have Bata dance from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and we can classify it under Nigeria’s traditional dance.

We also have Traditional dances in Kenya, Traditional dances in Ghana, and Traditional dance in South Africa. These dances are part of the forms which make up African culture.

African Proverbs And Music Culture

Culture facts about music
Three yoruba men playing a drum

Another aspect of culture which is in tune with all African countries is music and African Proverbs.

Proverbs are called adage/ wise sayings. These are short sentence with a hidden meaning. It takes a broad mind to understand the in-depth knowledge of proceeds.

The elders in African society are the people who make use of proverbs regularly. It is like a coded speech. As a child growing in Africa, I experience this over the years.

However, the primary aim of proverbs is to correct and admonish kids at a time. All African countries have proverbs that are enlightened and we get you thinking.

I have also combined a list of 20 African proverbs that will skyrocket your dreams and aspirations.

Music Culture

Music and dance are like Siamese twins in African culture. One can not go without the other. If there are over a million dance styles in Africa, we also have over a million traditional music.

I am not exaggerating when I say over a million. Africans do have many traditional dance forms to accompany each event of life.

Whether it is an African naming ceremony, marriage rites, folktales, poems and performance poetry, the list is endless. I believe you are getting a feel of where am coming from?

With this overview about African culture, I believe you are ready for African culture facts.

Culture Facts

1. Do you know that the second largest and most populous continent in the world is Africa?

2. This is shocking. I just found out that Africa is the hottest continent in the world. I guess that is why we have natural dark/brown skin.

3. With its joint width of 1, 708 meters, and a height of 108 meters, Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, is the largest waterfall in the world. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Do you know African countries collaborate through the African Union? They established the union in the year 2001. Addis Ababa is the capital of the union in Ethiopia.

5. Islam is the most practised religion in Africa, followed by Christianity then African traditional religion. In my quest for the existence of man, I researched the existence of God in African lands.

Language Culture In Africa

6. Do you know that there are over 5, 000 languages in Africa?

7. Also, Arabic is the most spoken language in Africa. Speakers of the Arabic language numbers around 150–170 million people. That is a huge number of speakers.

Next on the list is Swahili, English, Portuguese, Berber, and French.

8. Will you believe me if I tell you we have a high number of French speakers in Africa compared to France?

This is shocking right now. How can we speak a foreign language more than a foreigner? Now, you will believe me when I say the aftermath of colonization, exist in our daily lives.

One question though. What happens to the local dialect of these people? Extinct or on the edge of the extension.

9. Can you also believe that we have more Portuguese speakers in Africa than in Portugal.

This is an African culture fact that is shocking.

10. Do you know that in all African countries, Zimbabwe has the highest officially recognised language. Zimbabwe has sixteen recognised languages.

Zimbabweans have a fantastic culture too. You can check on Zimbabwe culture facts to get an insight into the people.

11. The only African countries, not colonies, are Ethiopia and Libya.

Respect Culture In Africa

Respect culture in Africa
An illustration of a man bowing down to greet

12. Africans respect the elderly. It does not matter if you are related or not. When you see an elder, you bow a bit to greet them.

13. In the home, if your senior brother/sister is older than you in just 1mit, you must accord them the respect.

14. You must not call an elder by the name. You say, papa, mama, mummy, daddy, for the more advance. While you say uncle/ aunty for individuals not too advance. remember, they don’t have to relate to you.

15. An African proverb says it takes an entire village to train a child. As a parent in Africa, be prepared to hear advice on how to take care of your kids. Especially from older individuals.

16. children do not talk back to their parents. You do not tell your parent/elder that they are lying. Even if it’s true, keep this to yourself.

17. On the dinning table, you must wait for the eldest in the family to eat, before you do.

18. Elders always remain a portion of their food for the last member of the family. You are very lucky if you are the one. The plate is juicy and inviting.

19. It is an unpleasant habit to talk while eating with an elder.

20. It is a great privilege to eat with your dad as a kid in Africa.

What are your views concerning African culture facts so far? Do any of these cultures apply to yours?

Roles Of Men And Women In African Culture

Roles of male and female in Africa culture
A man showing affection for his partner ( (my dream for couples in Africa)

In Africa, the role of a male and female is distinct. The male is the head of the family and the society. As a woman in Africa, it is a taboo to go against the decree of your husband. Before further adieu, let us look at African culture facts about men and women in the society.

21. It is rear to see an African male back a baby.

22. Once a man is married in Africa, his wife does his laundry.

23. Men take care of the monetary bill in the home. Women Don’t share bills.

24. Men can marry over one wife.

25. Women own the kitchen and they do the cooking.

26. In a village sitting, the man plants the crop while the woman harvest it.

27. If there is no water system in the home, the woman fetches the water.

28. Male children are more educated than female children.

29. It is a plus for a woman if she gives birth to a male child, if not her position is are stake. Either from the family or husband.

30. If a woman is not married at thirty, the society frowns at her and in extreme case, by her family.

31. A lady’s bribe price is paid to the man’s family.

32. For a woman to be legally married to you in the African settings, her bride price must be paid. If you do court/ church wedding, it is not valid until they pay the bride price.

33. A woman does not ask a man out. It is the other way round.

34. Men start sex.

Gradually, women in Africa are standing for their rights. As the world is revolving and expanding in knowledge, so is the African woman. Parents are now seeing the need to educate their female children, and men are becoming less strict, caring and accommodating in the house. Both parties decide, and they see sex as a partner thing.

However, this is possible in the 30% of the educated urban dwellers. In rural and some urban areas, they still see women as second-class citizen.

Food And Dress Culture In Africa

 Dressing culture in Yoruba
A Yoruba woman with a yoruba attire

In respective of religion or ethnicity, there is a way in which Africans dress.

35. It is not in African culture to wear short clothes. What I mean by short cloths – these are cloths that reveal your ties.

36. Most African clothing has head wraps.

37. Although we wear African attires called Ankara, most of the materials are imported.

38. Africans eat with their hands.

39. You must wash your hands before and after every meal.

40. We base cuisines on ethnicity and the African country.

African culture
A moment from the blacks show



People always refer to Africa as a county. Please Africa is a continent and not a country. We have 54 countries in Africa. While Africa is the second populist continent, Nigeria is the most populous country.

The things that make up the Africa society and regarding African culture facts, are the traditional music and dance, clothing and food.

Africans have a distinct language, but the most spoken language is Arabic. Islam is also the most practice religion.

The roles of male and female in African culture are two parallel lines. Each party has a basic role to play which the tradition has laid out. However, women are defining their roles and make their mark in the society.

This is it guys, 40 interesting African culture facts. I believe you got value for your time. Please like, share and subtribe. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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