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Africans With Blue Eyes: Black Blue Eyes

African girl with blue eyes
Black girl with blue eyes

Every adult individual has a story, and this is the story behind Africans with blue eyes. The rear blue-eyed people in Africa are seen as either evil or possessed. Black Africans with blue eyes are scattered all over the continent. Each boy, girl, woman has experience confrontation through continuous starring. In extreme cases, black people with blue eyes are called Witch.

It is the mentality of some black people to call anything that defiles the ordinary a taboo. Black person with blue eyes is one of such taboo. I do not blame them because that is the limit of their knowledge.

Recently in one of my dance class for kids, one teenager called another a witch. I quickly rebuked him and gave a sound warning not to use such language in the class. I ended by asking if he has seen a witch. Guess what? He said yes. I am shocked. How? When? Where?

At the back of my house, he replied. Okay, this is getting interesting. What exactly happened that made you think she was a witch? I asked further. Did you see her turn from a human to a bird? Or what exactly gave you that impression.

Not really, I know from the way she was acting. By now, I understand it was his mentality. I wish I had time to lecture him, but I have to go back to my rehearsal. This is sometimes the scenario with Africans with blue eyes. Why do we have Africans with blue eyes, anyway? Before we go further, let us look at the origin of blue eyes.

Where Did Blue Eyes Originate From?

According to the Center of the University & School of Milan for Bioscience education, the colour of our eyes is because of the gathering of a Pigment in the iris. The name of this pigment is Melanin. It produced melanin through the activity of a protein called P protein. P protein is fundamental to natural coloring. Although the particular amount or function of P protein is still unknown, it is however a vital aspect in the production of melanin.

Melanin handles the colour of our skin, eye, and hair. The more the Melanin, the darker the skin, eye and hair. So less melanin equals a lighter colour. It is noteworthy that the popular eye colours are black and brown. Green eye is rear and so is blue, especially with black Africans.

Now that we are aware of the origin, or should I say the process that led to blue eyes, how then do we have Africans with blue eyes? After all, we have dark skin. For more information on P protein visit

Why Do Some Africans Have Blue Eye?

Black African got their blue eyes like every other individual in the world. We are familiar with the fact that less Melanin in the Iris brings about blue eyes. A mutation in the Iris changed the OCA2 gene. This gene handles the production of Melanin – giving our eyes the original black and brown colour.

According to Professor Hans Eiberg from the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, all humans originally have brown eyes. Thus, instead of the OCA2 gene to produce brown eyes, it turns off. The mutation that results from this error is seen as a determinant in the formation of brown eyes.

They have passed the blue eye gene from one generation to another. For the past 10,000 years, parents with blue eyes have passed the gene to their kids. Like with Risikat – a Nigerian lady. Risikat parents do not have blue eyes, but she has it anyway. It was a disturbing sight for the parents and for Risikat herself. Things got worse for her when her two daughters got the beautiful blue eyes.

In the above case, the gene is in the immediate generation. Sometimes however, the gene is dormant for years. After several generations, it will surface. A typical example is Risikat herself. No one knew how she got the blue eyes gene.

Another theory about Africans with blue eyes is that some black persons with blue eyes might have Caucasians as their ancestor. They also believed that everyone in the world with blue eyes got it from one ancestor.

Who Was The First Blue Eyes Human?

A theory by Hans Eiberg from Copenhagen University, attest that all individuals on earth with blue eyes come from a single ancestor. He further stated that out of 800 persons that he researched on, only one does not fit in with the others. This individual has blue eyes, but a tiny dot of brown was also present in the eyes.

Hans told live science that all blue-eyed individuals have the same sequence of DNA linked with melanin production.

In another research, a DNA examination on a remnant called “Cheddar Man” unveils that the ancestor who was dug up in February 1903 Somerset England is an African. Cheddar Man lived 10,000 years ago and his remains suggest he had blue eyes, dark skin and curly dark hair. Does this mean Africans with blue eyes got it from Cheddar Man? Or is he the common ancestor that all blue-eyed individuals got their eyes?

Are Blue Eyes A Birth Defect?

Black boy with blue eyes
Black boy with blue eyes

Another reason we have Africans with blue eyes/ blue-eyed individuals is because of Warrensburg Syndrome. This is a genetic disorder that causes hearing loss and changes in colouring of the skin, hair and eyes. Losing hearing can affect either ears or just one. Hearing problem is present from birth. Apart from the above deformity, people with Warrensburg syndrome often have blue eyes or one blue eye and one brown eye.

The Syndrome also affects the colour of the hair. Therefore, you see some individuals with a patch of grey hair. However, the effect of this syndrome varies between individuals. There are four basic types of Warrensburg Syndrome and the physical attributes of the individuals distinguish each. So answering your question, yes, blue eyes can be a birth defect.

What Is The Name Of The African Tribe With Blue Eyes?

There are several African tribes with blue eyes. Still, the amount cannot be compared to whites with blue eyes. We see recent examples of Africans with blue eyes in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Sierra Leone.

What Nationality Has The Most Blue Eyes?

Brown eyes are the most common eye colours in Africa and Asia. In fact, it is the most common eye colour in the world. Europeans have the highest diversity of eye colours and the higher percentage of blue-eyed people. Over 80 percent of individuals with blue eyes come from Estonia and Finland. Why do we have a larger percentage of blue-eyed individuals in Europe?

Base on my research, I will say we have many people with blue eyes in Europe than in Africa because of our sense of beauty. To the average Europeans, having blue eyes is seen as sexy and beautiful. A male might be drawn to a lady because of her blue eyes. When they come together as husband and wife, the gene passes to the children/ future generation. Thus, through reproduction, the gene spreads.

However, in Africa, we do not consider blue-eyed individuals as beautiful. Rather, they are viewed as people that are cursed. This mentality leads to a moderate amount of men wanting to procreate with a blue-eyed woman. A definite decline of the rear gene if you ask me.

I believe you now understand why we have blue-eyed individuals in Europe than Africans with blue eyes.

Have you seen an African with blue eyes? What were your thoughts at first impression? What do you think now about black persons with blue eyes? Do you think they are beautiful or sexy?

Black Celebrities With Blue Eyes

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Yes, there are black with blue eyes in Africa and it is not a property of the whites. It is a mentality in Africa that blue eyes individual are caused, but should I shock you Africans? They are not cursed, please! It is a genetic mutation in the body that makes one to have a shortage of Melanin.

Melanin handles the colour of our skin, eyes and hair. The more melanin in our eyes, the darker the colour. Less Melanin equals blue eyes. It is also an opinion that all blue- eyed humans in the world come from a single ancestor.

Thank you friend, for taking this ride with me. I hope to see you on my next adventure. Until then, have a nice day. Please do not forget to like, subscribe and share this post and I will also love to hear your thoughts on Africans with blue eyes.

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