Hi,  welcome to theblackshome. This is a place where we tell the tales about  African cultures and traditions. The essence in our society and the esthetic beauty of performances. We pride ourselves in our heritage, adage and customs.

Who am i

Am a creative artist, choreographer, children’s educational teacher, and entrepreneur. I have loved dancing from a young age and everything that questions the existence of man.

Being formed from the sacred, the African tradition has pushed me to quest for the unknown. With this curiosity of mine, I created a show called The Blacks which focuses on live performances of African cultures.

I have had the good and the bad, but we are still growing. More to come from that show. The blacks show nevertheless gave birth to theblackshome.

Our purpose

To create more awareness of African traditions.

To teach children morals through the moonlight tales.

To revive cultures that are slowly going into extinction.

To enlighten the public about Africa and its traditions.

To create a united community of culture lovers.