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The warriors of our land fighting to defend our unity.

Driver, Driver what’s happening to the vehicle. Driver……i really don’t know but please exercise patients let me check it out. Driver…….oh, am sorry people but we’ve got a brake failure. Am so sorry about this. Let me go into the neighbouring village and get a mechanic. People singing in loud voices accompanied by heavy drum […]


We know who We Are By Our Names: Onotu

Before western civilization Africans have ways in which activities, governance and responsibilities are carried out and up till date some community still practice these traditions and rules. In kwale, ogume there are age to age grades which arecelebrated from time to time. The first age grade isbetween the ages of twenty-eight to thirthy and they […]


Often times the term “Black” is associated with negative vibes. Rarely will you hear any one say his/her favourite colour is “Black”. Those who care to show loyalty to this colour are tagged “weird”! The few who dare to flaut the aesthetic beauty of this colour are looked upon with pitiful eyes. Hey, I may […]



The musical people of Africa are noted for their cultural heritage. There are songs or music for all sort or setting of life and all kinds of human endeavors. There are songs that commemorate birth, death, marriage, rite of passage, recreation, songs of praise and scandal. The use of songs of scandal is a very […]


The blacks Overview

It is a known fact that African traditions are deeply rooted in performances. From birth to death, Africans have a way or ways of celebrating every passage in life. These passages are of core values and uttermost importance to the communities. The magnitude and magnificent ewe these performances carries are beyond the imaginations of reasoning. […]